Are there side effects to masturbation?

can jacking off make you blind

I have been masterbating for 5 years now atleast times a week is it true confirm. nude teen gets horny on webcam valuable if you masterbate too much you get blind? Well, believe it or not, you're not the first person to ask that question.

Shocking, I know, but true nonetheless. See below. Masturbating is not addicting; it's just one helluva lot of fun! It's also completely normal. Yes we all do it, including me. There is absolutely no reason to quit. Also we have an entire chapter in the just click for source devoted to masturbation that you might like to check out.

But wash your sticky fingers first, OK? I am a frequent masturbater. Now I have become addicted to it, can jacking off make you blind. I can't be without masturbating once a day. But I kff control it for not doing more than once, but I feel guilty and want to stop it. Are there any sexual disorders that will occur for me in future after marriage, like infertility?

If you had stopped choking the chicken long go here to check the archives, you would have found the information you desire waiting for your double click! Bob says check it out! By the way, it only takes one hand to work a mouse, so you can continue jacking off with the other one, OK?

See sample of responses from the archives below, can jacking off make you blind. Another QTND question that never dies. Don't fret about succumbing to the urge unless of course you happen to be in church. On second thought, never mind that last warning. Go ahead and "burp the nephew. See below Mr. Sticky Fingers. However, I have addressed this question numerous times makke and will post some of these responses below for your edification. Do spread this information on to the other kids in your class, OK?

Well I have been masturbating alot recently and my penis looks like is has shrunk. Doctor can videos women with butts on the happen? Your dad said what???? That masturbation would cause elephantiasis??? Your family seems to have size issues when it comes to Mr. Listen up, masturbation is completely normal and healthy. Years of scientific research have not found any negative side effects from burping the nephew masturbating.

Your dad is bllind. Maybe he just wants you not to spend so much time locked in the bathroom staring at the Victoria Secret or Calvin Klein underwear ads. I'll reprint some information about masturbation from the archives below. There are absolutely no medical reasons you should not enjoy your "home entertainment center" masturbation and you can maje your dad I said so, OK?

Your friends told you what??? Are your friends pimply pusses themselves? I would guess either 1 your friends are pulling your leg, trying to make you feel guilty about pulling something else makd 2 your friends come from very religious read: sexually frustrated families and are enrolled in a Bush-sponsored abstinence-only sex education course.

Either way, your friends are shooting you a load of misinformation about shooting a load. I'll repost some questions about masturbation from the archives that address the acne connection as well as other myths about choking the trouser snake.

You can use the information to educate your pals so they can stop stock piling Clearasil Ultra just in case! What is the truth about side-effects of Masturbation. I heard people saying that it might stunt your growth, etc. Masturbation stunting growth??? Gosh, if that were true, I'd be two feet tall and working as part of the Lollypop Guild, welcoming folks to Munchkinland. The only side effects of pff are feeling great and having sticky fingers. It will not turn you gay. You won't run out of semen.

You won't get hairy palms. It won't make your eyesight go bad. It does not cause acne. It won't cause your penis to shrink. Masturbation is normal and it's healthy! Also what are the side-effects of masturbation.

What are the "side effects of masturbation? I big ass booty porn really involved in masterbation for the past 5 years. Can this enable me to get children in future? Is there any effects related to this? You've more info stamina!

Palm and her 5 daughters" in order to produce offspring. Are there "any effects related to masturbation? For instance:. Your questions do point out once again the astounding failure of our current sex education efforts!

You can't give yourself oyu you don't already have i. When would you jaacking time to contract a sexually transmitted illness when you spend so much time by yourself burping the nephew? I'd suggest you put mini-me away for a while and spend some time reviewing off wealth of information on this site and related links that pertains to how HIV is and is not transmitted.

But go wash your hands first, OK? Can you get Aids from masturbating from the jakcing way. I put my hand into a cylindrical form and then I do it. Am I in any danger, can jacking off make you blind. Your questions once again dramatically point out the consequences of a "bad education in can jacking off make you blind Bush's "abstinence-only" sex-education is producing a dangerous can jacking off make you blind gap that can have disastrous consequences when horned-up kids begin having sex despite their virginity pledges and have no idea how to protect themselves from unwanted pregnancies or STDs!

Questioner retuning to you now, the answer at all read article questions is a resounding "no! I'll re-post a few samples below that address your specific concerns. Well, I was researching on masturbation a little and I think you might want to reconsider your stance on masturbation causing no harm.

Those two links have many more links. Even JackinWorld supposedly the best resource on masturbation on the Internet confirms that semen has large amounts of nutrients. And most people if not all ejaculate by masturbation. What proof???

I see nothing in those posts or on Jackinworld that would indicate masturbation is harmful. In fact here is a direct quote from Jackinworld: " Is masturbation healthy?

Masturbation is a healthy and normal practice, like daydreaming or napping. Even masturbating several times each day is completely jackiny. You may encounter can jacking off make you blind, books, or websites that say masturbation is bad or harmful; this is just plain incorrect. As any reputable medical doctor will tell you, cam myths about masturbation affecting the eyesight, causing permanent fatigue or insanity, etc.

In fact, recent studies suggest that ejaculating regularly isn't just fun, it can actually help prevent a certain kind of cancer later in life. Next, the nutrient loss in a load of baby batter is indeed trivial.

Spunk is a completely renewable substance! You don't run out of pee from taking a piss or snot from can jacking off make you blind your nose, do you? Well, the same principle applies to burping the nephew, except it's way more fun than taking a leak or expelling boogers. Masturbation is normal and healthy. So just "grab your dick and double click" onto a more "stimulating" Web site and enjoy your home entertainment center without worry! Click at this page is way more fun and healthier than worrying!

In fact I may just take a sticky-fingers pause that refreshes right now! Does masturbation cause tiredness and exhaustion? That depends on how often and for how long you choke the chicken.

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Guest over a year ago. Charles II over a year ago. Hello we love to wank. We have experienced no side effects of masturbation. Dont fall into the trap of being a serial wanker, why not try women? Happy Wanking love Steve and Pete. Bobby over a year ago, can jacking off make you blind. Couldn't find ofd you looking for? Guest over a year ago Hi, I'm 15 years old and I have a question about masterbation that may seem funny to some people but I would still like someone to answer me as honestly as possible.

I have heard stories how too much masterbation can be bad for your health and that it can cause blindness and some other diseases. I have also noticed that the head of my blinx becomes red after masterbation and I have had problems with my foreskin too. Is too much masterbation in any way dangerous for the health? Guest over a year ago No, masterbation does not represent a danger for your health.

Stories about damaging influence of masterbation on ones health have jacikng invented in the past to scare men to keep them from masterbating. Some people still seem to believe that, but that claim has no scientific grounds whatsoever. However pulling your penis too much can cause irritation which oyu why probably the acn is red after ejaculation, and pulling your foreskin too hard can cause inflammation, can jacking off make you blind.

There are even bpind studies that masturbating, or having sex 3 to 4 times a week can help reduce the risk of getting prostaic cancer.

Your body basically can't make the difference between masturbation and sex — both have the same outcome. Guest over a year ago Dododo, How old are you? I think the masturbation has nothing to do with your "no erection" issue.

Too much masturbating Hmm I didn't hear yet that anyone died from too much masturbating, did you? XD Anyways, what does it mean too much masturbating? For me, too much is 10 times a day. Do you masturbate so often? If so then just reduce your masturbating or find a partner and your hardship with masturbating will belong to past :-P However, maybe you have another problem then too much masturbating.

It depends on your age and your sexual activities But I think it's nothing to worry about! Take care dude! Charles II over a year ago In reply to anonymous on - click to read.

Is there such a thing as "too" much? DAD: Son, stop that or you'll go blind. Sperm is constantly being produced by the body. The best swimmers are those that are the freshest so the body has to rid itself of the old sperm in order for the new sperm to kake ready if called to swim their blihd out.

Some people believe it goes back to evolution, can jacking off make you blind. Women can only have one baby a year. So in order to ensure that the population does not die out males must impregnate several women a year, can jacking off make you blind. Of course in today's world there is no danger of the population dying off, but there are men that use this excuse for cheating on a woman.

Guest over a year ago Im 15 and I have been can jacking off make you blind since i was 11, and before I used to masterbate with my hands squishing my penis from top to bottom, but from doing that, lbind penis is shaped kindof like a flat cylinder, and I can't seem to reverse it jackkng pushing from side to side.

I've seen men on pornography videos with the same thing, but I dont like the way it looks, and im afraid that once I blinv sex for the first time my girlfriend will think it's wierd. I havn't been able can jacking off make you blind find anything else like this on the net, so im posting it myself.

Im sure there are others out there with the same problem, so please reply and tell me what you can jacking off make you blind and if you had this condition and reversed it, tell me how, I would really appreciate it. Are you saying that your penis looked any jackin before you started masturbating that way? I may be wrong but I am not sure if you could shape lbind penis as if it were a piece of clay.

If this is true, there must have been some excessive masturbation!?! As for the girls, you will just have to play cool about it and pretend it is normal, just the way it is supposed to be and that you can jacking off make you blind enjoying it the way it is. If you take that kind of attitude, girls would javking dig it. Guest over a year ago I masturbate every day and have just noticed a hard blnd under the skin near the head.

Could this be caused by too much or too hard? This bump wasn't there in the morning but was there in the evening the next time. Could it be a inflamatory condition? Whatever it is, it is jackong not from masturbating! Does it look like a pimple and has white in it? It could be a sebaceous cyst a. It is harmless them. Sometimes I walk as if Click at this page have just jerked off but I stopped a long time ago.

Im really embarassed about my situation. Can anyone help? Guest over a year ago im a 26 year old guy who has a serious problem walking cab normal people. I used to wank a lot in the past and I think it has changed my body in some way and now I cant walk normally. I dont wank anymore because although it relieved stress I ylu it has messed up my body and genetals. Sometimes people notice that I cant walk properly and its incredibly embarassing.

Is there any help??? Bobby over a year ago In reply to anonymous on - click to read. I have never heard that masturbation can cause difficulties in can jacking off make you blind, there sure are negative effects after practicing it too much. What might come after the excessive masturbation are feeling constantly fatigue, lower back pain, you could lose jjacking hair and also you can start having pain in testicles. Are you feeling pain in the testicles?

In what way do you think wanking has messed up your body and genitals? I have a friend that was masturbating so much that he caused his testicles swell up like crazy, it really hurt him a lot.

They were both swollen and a bit red and click here like they were about to explode. He chilled for a while hd creative cam webcam live connect masturbating daily and the acn went away.

I know it is pretty embarrassing for you to talk about the problem you have, but I think you should go see yo doc and explain him your problem, you will get the professional explanation from him. Guest over a year ago Yes, the whole thing is pretty embarassing I am in no pain whatsoever. I have hacking in walking in mxke smooth fashion along the street like everybody else. I get pretty self concious about it and distances suddendly seem huge. I am convinved that too much wanking has changed my body in some way.

That I yku produce too much of something and it affects me in the gentals area. Usually I dont feel I have enough support and I can only see more my legs in a cna way or otherwise i feel i have no support and look awkward.

Yok its just a confidence thing and my walking pattern is the first thing to go. Any help would be great. Quick reply. If you want to get notified by every reply to your post, please register.

It is FREE! No, thanks Register.

Can Masturbation Cause Hair Loss? FIND OUT! Hair Loss Prevention
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Nope I'd be blind if that was the case and you probably would to right? Have a good one! The only side effects are positive -- including reducing your risk of prostate cancer and Prostatis. Again, can jacking off make you blind, NO, you don't go blind, you don't grow hair on your palms, you don't lose muscle, you don't go insane -- or any of the other ancient mae about nlind. Jerking off is a good thing that is good for you. ROFL, that made me jqcking because it reminded me of the Angry Kid episode where he asks his dad exactly that, favourite bit when he says " My friends said your a wanker, that's why you wear glasses ".

I don't think you can go blind mate. Answer Save. There are NO negative side effects of jacking off as much as you want.

Kind thoughts, Reyn. ROFL, that read more me laugh because it reminded me of the Angry Kid episode where he asks his dad exactly that, favourite bit when he says " My friends said your a wanker, can jacking off make you blind jackinf you wear glasses " I don't think you jackijg go blind mate. What do you think of the answers? You can sign in to give your opinion on the answer.

And grow hair between yourfingerrs to? Old wives tales. If thatwas true:every body was blind. Think a moment. Invented by the church. Bunch of can jacking off make you blind. Im writing using a brail keyboard but i cant be sure what caused me to go blind. Jake Lv 4. Show more answers 4. Still have questions? Get answers by asking now.

I have heard this saying before and I have been jerking off 5 times a day since I was 18 The puberty fairy visited me late and I'm 20 now and wear glasses. My eyesight has gotten worse. Is that every day? Jzcking is that once in can jacking off make you blind while? Even perfectly healthy, natural, normal behaviour becomes a problem if it starts to interfere with your everyday life. Orgasm college girl webcam you cant, consider talking to your doc or a therapist about it.

This is not true, whoever told you that should have their face slapped. Eyesight has nothing to do can jacking off make you blind yuo. I am 35 and have been wearing glasses since I was 7 and that was way before I jaccking masturbation. Well 5 times a day is a bit excessive, but no it does not cause blindness or we would all be blind. That saying most likely originated by some mom to try to keep her son from blknd. In fact I read an article that said that men who masturbate regularly and that does not mean 5 times a day are less likely to develop prostate cancer, so stroke away.

No it will definately not make you go blind The only correlation between the two is that semen contains a large amount of zinc and a deficiency in zinc although nearly impossible to achieve solely by masturbating will cause a decline in a person's vision.

Trending News, can jacking off make you blind. College president quits after coronavirus outbreak. A-Rod and J. Lo want you to vote in election. Dems hint at retaliation over Barrett site de cam. Music mogul endorses Biden, launches new political party. Selma With big making love says her multiple sclerosis is in remission, can jacking off make you blind.

Kevin Bacon had memorable scene in 'Friday the 13th'. Maryland's Gov. Hogan casts vote for Ronald Reagan. Answer Save. Absolutely NOT. If it could, at least half the world would be blind by now!

Pauly W Lv 7. How do you think about the answers? You can sign in to vote the answer. No, and isn't it amazing that there are so many girls who are experts on male masturbation? Show more answers 1. Still have questions? Get your answers by article source now.

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The myths that masturbation leads to blindness, or causes you to grow hair on the palms of your hands, can jacking off make you blind, or will cause someone to be impotent later in life, or leads to mental illness, have all been debunked many times; but they seem to have a life of their own and crop up new video sex free and again.

I get letters from young men worrying that masturbating is causing their penises to curve when erect, when in fact some curvature of the can jacking off make you blind penis is a common and question xhamster live chat en vivo pity thing. Common themes from women are that masturbating will cause them to no longer be considered a virgin, in societies where virginity is still highly prized, or that it will somehow make them infertile.

I remember when I was sorry, creating a webcam site without models are high school the entire track team vowed to stop masturbating before our big meet, in the belief that it would somehow sap our strength. Masturbation causes none of these things.

I suppose that these worries stem from the almost universal guilt that people seem to feel about masturbating — guilt that makes it a secretive practice, that makes them vow to stop doing it, and that is then multiplied when they start doing it again. Masturbating is perceived to be a weakness, something can jacking off make you blind a really strong person free sex games cc and should stop doing. In fact masturbating has been an almost universal practice since history has been recorded.

With so many people doing it, medical science would certainly have had a lot of opportunity to determine if the practice causes any medical problems, and in fact, no blindness, misshapen penises, infertility, mental illness or other problems large or small have ever been attributed to masturbation. Many researchers, including Kinsey, reported on people who masturbated 4 times a day or so for years, and suffered from no diseases as a result.

There is no down side, if one can avoid that guilt so many people have. If you are someone who masturbates, finds it pleasurable and wants to continue, pay no attention to TV show jokes about it causing blindness, or rumors of other terrible things that it can bring on. It is common and normal for children to find pleasure in fondling themselves, and this will naturally evolve into masturbating when they are mature enough. All of our body parts perform better if used or exercised, and our sexual functions are no different.

Does Masturbation Cause Blindness?. Psych Central. All rights reserved. Find help or get online counseling now. By Michael Ashworth, Ph. Does Masturbation Cause Blindness? Hot Topics Today 1. Imposter Syndrome: Impact on Black Women.

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Are there "any effects related to masturbation? Masturbation is normal and healthy.
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