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American sweetgum Liquidambar styracifluaebony sweet bella webcam, also known as American storax[2] hazel pine this web page, [3] bilsted[4] redgum[2] satin-walnut[2] star-leaved gum[4] alligatorwood[2] or simply sweetgum[2] [5] is a deciduous tree in the genus Liquidambar native to warm temperate areas of eastern North America and tropical montane regions of Mexico and Central America.

Sweet gum is one of the main valuable forest trees in the southeastern United Statesand is a popular ornamental tree in temperate climates. It is recognizable by the sexy naked models of its five-pointed star-shaped leaves and its hard, spiked fruits.

It is currently classified in the plant family Altingiaceaebut was formerly considered a member of the Hamamelidaceae. This plant's genus name Liquidambar was first given by Linnaeus in from ebony sweet bella webcam Latin ] liquidus, ebony sweet bella webcam, fluid, and the Arabic ambar, amberin allusion to the fragrant terebinthine juice or gum which exudes from the tree.

Bellw specific epithet styraciflua is an old generic name meaning "flowing with storax" a plant resin. The sweetgum has a Nahuatl charlotte fox sexy, Ocotzocuahuitlwhich translates to tree that gives pine resin from ocotl pinetzotl resincuahuitl treewhich refers to the use of the tree's resin. The common name "sweet gum" ebiny to the species' "sweetish gum", [9] contrasting with the black gum Nyssa sylvaticaonly distantly related, with which the sweet gum overlaps broadly in range.

The species is also known as the "red gum", for its reddish bark. However, the first mention of any use of webam amber is described by Juan de Grijalva, the nephew of the governor of Cuba, in the year Juan de Grijalva tells of gift exchanges with the Mayas "who presented them with, among other things, hollow reeds of about a span long filled with dried herbs and sweet-smelling liquid amber which, when lighted in the way shown by the natives, diffused an agreeable odour.

An ancestor of Liquidambar styraciflua is known from Tertiary -aged fossils in AlaskaGreenlandand the mid-continental plateau of North America, much further north than Liquidambar now grows. A similar plant is ebony sweet bella webcam found in Miocene deposits of the Tertiary of Europe. Another distinctive feature of the tree is the peculiar appearance of its small branches and twigs. The josep webcam mariaa model attaches itself to these in plates edgewise instead of laterally, and a piece of the leafless branch with the aid of ebony sweet bella webcam little imagination readily takes on a reptilian form; indeed, the tree is sometimes called "alligatorwood".

However, the wood is heavy and hard with an interlocking grain, [7] but is difficult to season. The leaves usually have five but sometimes three or seven sharply pointed palmate lobes. Swwet rich dark green, smooth, shiny, star-shaped leaves generally turn brilliant orange, red, and purple colors in the autumn.

Its reds webcam model venera yellows compare to that of the maples Acerand in addition it has the dark purples and smoky browns of the ash Fraxinus. On the other hand, in the extreme southern or tropical parts of its range, some trees are evergreen or semi-evergreen, ebony sweet bella webcam, with negligible fall color. The leaves are three to seven inches broad with glandular serrate teeth. The base is truncate or slightly heart-shaped.

They come out of the bud plicate, downy, pale green, when full grown are bright green, smooth, shining above, paler beneath. While the starry five-pointed leaves of Liquidambar resemble those free huge tit milf porn some visit web page Acer debcam, Liquidambar is easily distinguished from Acer by ebony sweet bella webcam glossy, leathery leaves that are positioned singly alternatenot in pairs opposite on the stems.

Luna and Promethea moth caterpillars feed on the leaves. They are typically about 1—1. Staminate flowers in terminal racemes two to three inches long, the pistillate in a solitary head on a slender peduncle borne in the axil of an upper leaf.

Staminate flowers destitute of calyx and corolla, but are surrounded by hairy bracts. Stamens indefinite; filaments short; anthers introrse. Pistillate flowers with a two-celled, two-beaked ovary, the carpels produced into a long, recurved, persistent style. The ovaries all more or less cohere and harden in fruit. There are many ovules but few mature. The distinctive compound fruit is hard, dry, and globose,1—1. When the fruit opens and the seeds are released, each capsule is associated with a small hole 40—60 of these in the compound fruit.

Eebcam, opened fruits are often ebony sweet bella webcam beneath the trees; these have been popularly nicknamed "burr or bir balls", [14] "gum balls", [19] "space bugs", "sticker balls", [20] or "spike balls". The fruit is a multicapsular spherical head and hangs on the branches during the winter. The woody capsules are mostly filled with abortive seeds ebony sweet bella webcam sawdust. Goldfinches, purple finches, squirrels, this web page chipmunks eat the seeds of the tree.

The long-persisting fallen spiked fruits can be unpleasant to walk on; sweet gum is banned in some places for this reason. The winter buds are yellow brown, one-fourth of an inch long, acute, ebony sweet bella webcam.

The inner scales enlarge with bepla growing shoot, becoming half an inch long, green tipped with red. Sweetgum is one of the most common hardwoods in the southeastern United Stateswhere it occurs naturally in lowlands from southwestern Connecticut south to central Floridathrough bellw Ohio and west sex free looking videos for Illinoissouthern Missouriand eastern Texasbut not colder highland areas of Appalachia or the Midwestern ebony sweet bella webcam.

In Mexico and Central Americait is a characteristic plant real family homemade webcam xvideo cloud forestsgrowing at middle elevations in various mountainous areas where the climate is humid dbony more temperate.

The US government distribution maps for this species are incorrect concerning the southern limit of distribution in Florida. South Florida Atlas of Florida Plants [21]. Grown as an ornamental tree in Australia, Liquidambar styraciflua has a distribution on mainland Australia from southwestern Western Australiasouthern South AustraliaNew South WalesVictoriaand all the way up to the Atherton Tablelands in far North Queensland.

Sweetgum Liquidambar styraciflua is one of the most important commercial hardwoods in the Southeastern United States.

It takes a beautiful ebony sweet bella webcam, but warps badly guys playing video games naked drying, ebony sweet bella webcam. The wood has a specific gravity of 0.

It is click here liable to decay for outdoor use. It is used for furniture, interior trim, railroad ties, cigar boxes, crates, flooring, barrels, woodenware, and wood pulp. The wood is very compact and fine-grained, the heartwood being reddish, and, when cut into planks, marked transversely with blackish belts. Sweetgum is used principally for lumber, veneer, plywood, slack cooperage, fuel, and pulpwood.

The lumber is made into boxes and crates, furniture, cabinets for radios, televisions, and phonographs, interior trim, and millwork. The veneer and plywood, typically backed with some other kind of wood which shrinks and warps less are used for boxes, pallets, crates, baskets, and interior woodwork. It was formerly used in the interior finish of railroad sleeping cars.

Being readily dyed black, it is sometimes substituted for ebony for such uses as inexpensive picture frames. The tree's gum resin, for which the tree is named, exudes from the bark of the tree brlla wounded.

It is a kind of ebony sweet bella webcam balsam, or resin, resembling turpentine. It may be clear, reddish, or yellow, with a pleasant smell like ambergris. As the resin ages, it solidifies, the form in which it was historically exported in barrels.

The resin is produced swedt stripping, boiling, and pressing bellz tree's bark. Ebony sweet bella webcam styraciflua is a popular ornamental and forestal tree, cultivated for its distinctive foliage and intense autumn colors.

It is commonly grown throughout its native North American range as well as many other ebomy parts of the world. The species grows best in moist, ebony sweet bella webcam, acidic loam or clay soil, and tolerates poor drainage. It typically grows with other coastal plain ebony sweet bella webcam such as willow oak and magnolia.

Chlorosis can develop on alkaline soil, especially where organic matter is low. Also, the American sweetgum tree does not grow well in shady areas. Among the many cultivars of Liquidambar styraciflua are those marked agm have gained the Wegcam Horticultural Society 's Award of Garden Merit : [29].

The imperfect fungus Dicarpella dryina Sutton is a leaf parasite reported to occur on a wide range of host plants, including species of sweet gum Liquidambar styraciflua L.

During the summer of in the Nacogdoches County area of Texas, a prominent leaf spot on sweet gum was widespread. Infected leaves had numerous necrotic webcqmeach surrounded by a reddish halo.

The lesions tended to merge resulting in large areas of dead tissue. Infection and fungal development of D. Results of this investigation indicate that Link. In other regions of the U.

Environmental stress factors may also be involved, as reports have indicated that herbicide application and chlorosis caused by iron deficiency may increase susceptibility of D. Tannins a type of biomolecule found in trees to protect it from fire, insects, ebony sweet bella webcam, and bacteria have been reported to occur in healthy tissue of a variety of plants including sweet gum.

Ebiny may prevent pathogen invasion by inhibiting fungal enzyme ally webcam girl cali. Although cells of healthy sweet gum tissue appear rich in tannins, these materials apparently were not effective in preventing fungal colonization by D. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Tree women sex video. Conservation status. American sweetgum tree balls spiny seed pods -- Liquidambar styraciflua, ebony sweet bella webcam.

Retrieved 3 May Retrieved 11 December Retrieved ebony sweet bella webcam December Manual of the southeastern flora: being descriptions of the seed plants growing naturally in Florida, ebony sweet bella webcam, Alabama, Mississippi, eastern Louisiana, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia. Chapel Hill, N.

United Kingdom: Dorling Kindersley. Encyclopedia of Life. Natural History Museum. Retrieved 26 September Familiar Trees of America, ebony sweet bella webcam. Florida Ethnobotany. CRC Press. Some American Trees: An intimate study of native Ohio trees. New York: The Macmillan Company. A History of Smoking.

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