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max msp jitter standalone for interqactive dance webcam standalone

Ive been working on a few Max for Live patches over the last month or soIm still relevantly new to Max and Jitter and constantly learning more each week. By following stnadalone two tutorials which are linked at the end of the postI was able to use the feed from my webcam as a texture, which was then made audio reactive webcm Ableton Live 9.

The idea of the patch was to see movement mso who ever is in front of the webcam while also being audio reactive to the music playing in Ableton Livemax msp jitter standalone for interqactive dance webcam standalone, I still have more that I would like to do with the project. These devices can read article created in Ableton Live for real time processing ability to hear instruments as you develop them.

With the series of specific Max for Live objects available which all begin with live. To analyse the audio the jit. The jit. For my next blog teen fuck on webcam part 1I intend to have a tutorial on creating a basic Max for Live Jitter patch. The links to the tutorials used and the vimeo link to Masato Tsutsui are below, thank you for reading. Skip to content Ive been working on a few Max for Live patches over the last month or soIm still max msp jitter standalone for interqactive dance webcam standalone new to Max and Jitter and constantly learning more each week.

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Jul 09 pm. I succesfully interqacyive a sampler which is triggered by a joypad via the "Hi" object. I am now working on a project which needs to be done pretty soon! I have found many articles in which this is mentioned but can't seem to find the solution to what I standalkne. I have managed to get my webcam working fine on my iBook. I already have a sampler I can try to trigger I can remove the Hi object mqx and tailor it to see more the outputs from the webcam.

From what I have read, it would appear that I need to use jit. If triggered in top right, add granular synthesis, if triggered bottom left, play backwards etc. I have been reading tutorials and help files left right and centre, have managed to use an object to get a pre-recorded quicktime file to play in Max MSP window, but not to get the video feed that i can see elsewhere on my iBook to play in the Max Patcher. If you could help me with this it would standslone greatly appreciated although I understand that you all have lives outside of the forum!

I just would like to know how to a get the webcam feed to play inside the patcher and b get a grid over it in order to mspp data when the webcam's subject moves.

Many thanks to anyone who can help, it's driving me crazy! Jul 10 pm, max msp jitter standalone for interqactive dance webcam standalone. Does this work in the help file?

In my experience, if the OS sees it like iMovie works fine mmax Jitter will see it. Probably it's not hot-pluggable though. For tracking max msp jitter standalone for interqactive dance webcam standalone look into cv. Interqactiive sampling individual colors you can use getcell on the matrix, or the suckah object over the video, then depending on where the color is in the video test with some XY comparators you can determine what to do with it. Jul 11 am. Thank you so much for your response, I'm just trying it now.

I really appreciate your help and will let you know how tsandalone goes! Don't think good blonde transexual webcam princess are is hot-pluggable - you need to have a little thing called "monitor" running in order to see the picture I can't get the webcam to work into iMovie though unless I record the webcam feed and then stxndalone it to iMovie after I'm not that accomplished with iMovie - I'm usually "all about sound"!

Well, slight progress in standaline getdevlist brings up a list which includes the webcam I use, however no amount of selecting "open" or fiddling with settings will make that little black screen show the picture.

An exported jpeg comes up with black screen also. I get this in log don't know if that gives any clues? Jul 12 am. That's weird. The cam definitely works on the commputer because I can see myself on it! It def doesn't work in iMovie because it says standallne camera attached" but I thought it was looking for a videocamera. When i do the getdevlist though, "VideoCamEye" comes up and allows itself to be selected jittrr that's the name of my xtandalone, so the OS must accept it.

That's so strange. I'll keep looking in to it. Basically it's mas a uni project I click the following article an extension for and my lecturers have dissappeared off the face of the dancf. So I'm using a programme I'm inexperienced in, with no lecturer help, for my final project! Might try and find another webcam, although few of the cheap ones are Mac-happy.

Will post up how I get on, if I get anywhere I'll attach the patch. Jul 15 am. For anyone who is looking to do the same thing.

I have found a work around. Most webcams have a "monitor" function in which you can open a window and see what your webcam is filming. If you use the "jit. Thanks SeeJay for trying to help, I think I just had an awkward more info and this is a good workaround. Also handy as you don't even interqative need to have a webcam - you can just move your mouse around the coordinates for jitter to sense the movement, max msp jitter standalone for interqactive dance webcam standalone.

Sgandalone this helps anyone who is trawling the forums for dane same sort of thing. Sorry for the probably too late comment I've had similar problems with web cams on mac and ended up buying an external isight.

Max seems to find cams installed this way. Jul 23 am. There is a max msp jitter standalone for interqactive dance webcam standalone on the Max website called Hold interqaactive that will measure movement in any one of these grid sections and this movement can be used to trigger bangs that cause events, make sure you reference if you use it, cause your tutor probably reads this forum too.

Bit of a long way round though, if anyone has any better ideas would love to hear it. By the way, when using jit. Aug 16 am. Project has to be max msp jitter standalone for interqactive dance webcam standalone really really soon - less than a week.

I've max msp jitter standalone for interqactive dance webcam standalone no further on this. I can't find anyone who can tell me how to get an output from jit. A few people have downloaded my patch from my other thread but no one has come up with a solution yet I'm finding it all pretty frustrating.

Not that I'm expecting anyone to do the patch girl webcam tape gagged in latex me, I wish I could do it on my own!

The HoldStill tutorial works with jit. Thanks for the heads up on it though. Aug 16 pm. Could you post your patch? Dunno wtandalone it'll help the webcam issue btw did you get that working normally, without having to use jit. A simpler version of something like motion tracking would be to split up the main video feed into say 5X5, then each of the 25 submatrices could keep track of their total brightness use jit.

Perhaps then something could be "on" if above a certain brightness, "off" if belowlike whether a specific effect is applied to a sound elsewhere, etc. The mean levels could also be used to say how much or how little of an effect you want, max msp jitter standalone for interqactive dance webcam standalone. You wouldn't necessarily even need full-color video, either This is helpful for things like motion tracking, where you want the best contrast at edges and such.

But you could try it both ways have a 2-outlet gate with one going through rgb2luma, max msp jitter standalone for interqactive dance webcam standalone, one not. If you really can't get the webcam going with jit. Then you can at least demonstrate webcam gay facial porn idea using video clips like ones you capture with the webcam in a different app, if that's working.

In many respects, using prerecorded video gives you more control, since you can standakone things like the playback rate etc. Then the effects which the patch produces through intedqactive the pieces of the video become part of your arsenal of instruments, and you can tweak things for performance. Aug 17 am. Hi, no still haven't managed to get it working without using jit.

I'll attach that one later too Someone else had suggested jit. Dane can't get the cam to work without desktop so the qt idea sounds like a good one, that way I'd pretty much just mirror the patch only with qt instead of desktop and then interqactve just "on" whichever one you wanted I guess Food for thought!

Well, fast-food for thought at the mo! Cheers for your reply it's much appreciated it's girls sex webcam gif starting to make a little bit more sense now and I can sort of see what I have to do it's just frustrating when you have a great idea and it isn't coming to fruition! Aug 18 am. I couldn't open the compressed file you attached.

Any way to attach it again as a zip? I think this one is in mac-only format and I'm on XP. If it's only a patch or two, maybe just paste the code select all-copy compressed-past into the message text.

Using Max 5 right? No I can't use Max 5 'cos I'm still on Inteerqactive this what you wanted? Hope I've copied the right thing. Pasted Max Patch: Click to Expand. Aug 18 pm. Thanks Robtherich, I've been playing about with jit.

Also investigated more in to using a quicktime movie jax and a couple of other things will post back standalonr my progress if anyone is interested. Again, thanks for the help you guys have given me. It's much appreciated and will be dqnce in my work. Just had a breakthrough by getting the numerical output that I wanted!

Feb 28 am. Hey man, I'm having pretty much the same problems except on windows. I've got my Logitech webcam attached to msl computer but when I use the getlist commands with jit.

Impression / Vision Performance - Kinect + Max/MSP/Jitter + Dance
pinay glasses webcam porn" class="haqaqip hyzo hipak wakyla rape vevitih">MAX MSP JITTER STANDALONE FOR INTERQACTIVE DANCE WEBCAM STANDALONE
for interqactive standalone webcam standalone dance jitter max msp

HC Gilje blog

A newer version of Max is available. Click here to access the latest version of this document. This tutorial standalome how to use Jitter in conjunction with a QuickTime-compatible image capture device—such as a webcam, visit web page DV camera, or a PCI video input card—to grab video sequences and use them as here, or record them directly to disk.

We can also use Jitter to record sound directly to disk as a QuickTime movie. The patch examples in this Tutorial assume that you have a QuickTime-compatible image capture device powered on and attached to your computer. Please refer to the Reference and help patch for the jit.

When we capture video images from an input device, we are actually jitfer with a sequence of images. In Tutorial 20, we created a sequence of images using the export operation of the jit. This time, we'll use the jit. The jit. Components can include software modules that provide interfaces for new video codecs, or an interface between software and various kinds of hardware, or tasks like image capture and sound output.

We've already used a QuickTime component in Tutorial 20 when we used the export message, and we'll be looking at other QuickTime component-based Jitter objects in the next several tutorials.

Notice that the jit. They also represent amx dimensions of the internal buffer into which any captured data will be placed. The matrix will always be a 4-plane char matrix.

This message causes the jit. In our patch, we're using iter to break the list up, and placing the device names in an click at this page. Our list only has one item, DV Videobut yours may include different items.

If you don't explicitly choose a vdevicejit. The open message tells jit. Until you send the open message, jit. You should now see your captured video signal in the jit. If you don't interqactiive your video signal, check the Max Window and see if jit. It may be possible that your device is in use by another application, or that it has gone to sleep our video camera sleeps after about 3 minutes of non-use, for example.

If your device supports multiple inputs, read on. Leave this patch open; we'll click at this page to it in a moment. The video capture device you're using may support several different inputs.

FireWire DV generally supports a single input. In this intwrqactive, we'll learn how to list those inputs and switch between them. This causes jit. The patch breaks this list up using the iter object and sends it to the umenu on the right of the patch. Our CapSure card reports composite and s-video inputs, as shown in the screen shot:. If you don't explicitly choose an inputjit. Some video capture devices don't work properly in the jit.

If you find that jit. This enables a method of video capture that is more reliable interqactvie certain capture devices. For webcams, ijtter normal operating uncensored amateur webcam teens of jit. Webcwm other higher resolution capture devices such as analog video-capture boards or DV cameras, we'd like to be able to adjust the quality of the sequence grabber to get the most out of them, max msp jitter standalone for interqactive dance webcam standalone.

The Patcher window that opens contains everything you need to set your vdevice and input settings. Once you've done this, close the subpatch window. Click on the toggle attached to the metro object. You should now see your captured video signal from your chosen input in the jit. If your capture device supports a high quality mode, you'll probably see the image in the jit. If your device does not support jittwr quality mode vmode 2you may see no change, or some undesirable result, like distorted image standallne or noise.

Should this occur, return latina women want sequence grabber or vdig mode vmode 0 or vmode 1. Sending the message usesrcrect 1 causes jit. By default, the srcrect attribute is set to the full frame of the input signal.

This will generate a message to set the srcrect attribute. The srcrect message arguments refer to the standaloje x, top y, right x and bottom y coordinates of the input uitter, respectively.

You should see the image changing to reveal only the portion of the input frame you specify. For best results, choose two numbers that have the same aspect ratio as the input frame. First, switch the amx setting back to 0 or 1, apologise, is gianna michaels retired apologise on interqadtive you were using before reminder: vmode 1 vdig mode is only necessary and supported on specific capture devices.

Compare dor image quality to vmode wecam high quality mode. On our system, using a DV camera, the image becomes noticeably crisper, and aliased edges are tightened up. The object contains a list of available quality settings for vmode 2 max msp jitter standalone for interqactive dance webcam standalone settings have no effect in sequence grabber and vdig modes.

Choosing an item from the umenu will cause the item's index number to be sent to jit. Select some different quality settings, and observe the changes—both in terms of image quality and frame rate displayed on the jit. The default setting for codecquality is max equivalent to sending a codecquality max or codecquality 4 message to jit.

You should experiment with your hardware to determine the best settings for your system. For example, using the vmode 2 in conjunction with the codecquality min and codecquality low modes actually looks worse than vmode 0 max msp jitter standalone for interqactive dance webcam standalone mitter system. While vmode 2 offers control over the capture quality, it will not necessarily improve max msp jitter standalone for interqactive dance webcam standalone image quality over the jit.

By jitteg, the destination rectangle is set to the dimensions of the jit. As with the srcrect message, the dstrect message de peladas videos viejas refer to the left x, top y, right x and bottom y coordinates of the output matrix. You should see the image changing to occupy only chubby older women exposes on webcam portion of the output matrix you specify.

Notice that the pak object is connected to a t l clear object, which causes a clear message to be sent to jit. Webca, could modify the patch to see what happens if you don't send the clear standxlone. You can save grabbed sequences directly to disk as a QuickTime movie, dancce you prefer. When you do this, jit. With only a few minor differences, this process is similar to the one described in Tutorial But this time, we'll be recording audio, too.

You should quit or disable any applications or settings that interrupt stzndalone on your machine while recording to disk, such as Internet applications or AppleTalk. You can access them by double-clicking on the object if you'd like to change them. Note, however, that the vmode attribute does not affect the grab go here disk operation.

You should now see the captured max msp jitter standalone for interqactive dance webcam standalone signal from your chosen max msp jitter standalone for interqactive dance webcam standalone in the jit. You've probably noticed that this message looks like the write message that we send to jit. Except for the lack of a think 3 teen amateur friends flashing webcam final argument, the write message to jit.

All of the arguments are optional; if we omit the file name, a file Dialog Box will appear. The remaining settings, if omitted, will retain their previous values, max msp jitter standalone for interqactive dance webcam standalone.

If there are no previous values, go here default values for the iinterqactive device will be used.

Technical detail: There is an important difference in the formatting of the write message to jit. For more information, consult the Object Reference entry and help file for the jit. While we are recording, the jit. We can tell because the jit.

Since we've connected that outlet to interqacgive print object in our patch, we mxp see the results by looking at the Max Window. If everything went as expected, you should see print: write grabfile. We can also record sound to disk using the technique just described. There are two ways to choose stnadalone sound device for jit.

We're going to use the Sound Settings Dialog Box for this tutorial, but dxnce might find it instructive to try making an altered copy of the example patch for the message-based method. There is a Video Settings Dialog Box available for changing video device and input settings, as well, max msp jitter standalone for interqactive dance webcam standalone.

You can click at this page it by sending on pornhub lesbians webcam settings message to jit. The Sound Settings Dialog Box will appear. Using the pop-up menus and other controls, adjust the sound input settings to your preference.

Close the Dialog Box by clicking OK. The recording mep begin immediately as before, but sound will also be recorded to the movie. Locate the movie on your hard drive, and open it in QuickTime Player or Max, if you prefer to verify that sound was recorded with the movie.

If you investigate the Sound and Video Settings Dialog Boxes, you will notice that both offer numerous options for controlling the input settings of each device—brightness, saturation, gain, etc.

Please refer to the Interqactie Reference entry and help file for jit. The object offers both Max-based and Dialog Box interfaces for listing devices and inputs, switching between them, and controlling image quality.

The srcrect and dstrect attributes can standaolne used to crop and position a captured image within a Jitter matrix.

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The application attempts to improve upon similar software by offering more openni click and more user control. The interface was built with Processing, utilizing the libraries: controlP5, oscP5, and simple-openni. Because I used open-source tools, and because the nature of the project is to stimulate creativity, simpleKinect is free to use.

Download simpleKinect. Note: This app was exported as a Mac version. White paper. This standalone version, 1, max msp jitter standalone for interqactive dance webcam standalone. The Kinect-Via- interfaces offer a tangible solution for anyone wishing to explore user tracking with the Kinect for creative application. Please read the max msp jitter standalone for interqactive dance webcam standalone in the.

Note: Latest has been tested with Max 5. Kinect-Via- is by Jon Bellona. Casting is a real-time composition for a single performer using the Microsoft Kinect and Kyma. The piece embodies both the programmatic and the magical use of the term. By giving form to gesture that conjures sound and visual elements, a body's movement becomes intertwined with the visceral. The performer's body 'throws' and controls sound, enabling the viewer to perceive sound as transfigured by motion.

In this way, music becomes defined by the human mold of the performer and listener. The interactive and audiovisual installation av ar puts the relationship between people and their medial reflection at the center of the experience. In this closed circuit installation, the control, dependencies, and aesthetic reference levels can be explored and controlled interactively with the entire body.

A catalogue teen bffs s webcam emotions serves as audiovisual communication material and leads to a reflection about the systematic use of feelings. The dance with the medial mirror opens a space of experience in the tense atmosphere between the non-digital and the digital ego - the avatar. Steamfields Bodyscapes excerpt from Deprogram on Vimeo. This is part of her PhD research into movement-based interactive music performance.

The video is an excerpt of her performance at the Sydney Fringe Festival, in Sept. Robbie Mudrazija is on drums. Learn more about Mary and her work by visiting deprogram. On the Fragmentation of Memory n. Aisha Pagnes's installation aims to explore the transference, translation and malleability of autobiographical emotive memory. This single viewer experience enables the interactive encounter with the echoic memory of others. Her work asks the question, "Can the translation of autobiographical memories into sound effectively evoke the associated emotions within others?

Human Chimes from Jon Bellona on Vimeo. Human Chimes is an interactive public installation. Participating users become triggered sounds that interact with all other participating users inside the space, max msp jitter standalone for interqactive dance webcam standalone. The Beat FMO The Kinect user's hand and head movements mapped to filters, and at times, hand gestures actuate sound.

The Kinect mapping is using Kinect-Via-Synapse. Juggling Music from arthurwagenaar on Vimeo. Playing music click here juggling with glowballs! Demonstration of this new self made musical instrument, controlled by juggling. Also known in Dutch as 'De Kleurwerper'. Alex Galler and Team use Kinect-Via-Synapse as a way to transform user's movements into pan and audio controls within a multi-channel environment.

Danced max msp jitter standalone for interqactive dance webcam standalone David Cross. Interactive video by Eric Honour. The interactive video system uses a Microsoft Kinect to capture the movement of the dancer. Data from the Kinect is fed into Jitter to max msp jitter standalone for interqactive dance webcam standalone crossfading between and live processing of four video streams.

This system allows the motion of the dancer to be reflected in the video. Projection of the video onto the dancer, as well as the rear wall, brings the video to life, in three dimensions. Performed by Kacico Dance. Work for eight dancers with motion capture via Kinect. Video link below shows background texture details. Above is a trailer for the full work. NB: the trailer is sped up significantly and uses different music from the actual performance, which lasted about twenty minutes.

Subscribe to updates. Since I get questions about models and hardware, below I have provided links to related gear. I want to point out what I have tested with or used in projects and what I have not.

The original Kinect XBox and tripod stand I've used in my software and projects. The third item is a cheaper refurbished XBoxand should be the model, but I have not ordered before. The newer XBox One. Not tested with above software. Please let me know if it works! Projects using simpleKinect Casting: Kinect, Kyma Subscribe to Updates.

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Play live webcam feed in Max MSP / Jitter

I am involved in a student project which uses some Arduino Mega sensor interfaces in max msp jitter standalone for interqactive dance webcam standalone interactive device. It has been a while since I worked with Arduinos myself, as I am mainly working with Belas these days. I have previously used Maxuino for interfacing Arduinos with Max. This is a general purpose tool, with a step by step approach to connecting to the Arduino and retrieving data.

This is great when it works, but due to its many options, and a somewhat convoluted patching style, I found the patch quite difficult to debug when things did not work out of the box. I then came across the opposite to Maxuino, a minimal patch showing how to get the data right off the serial port.

As can be seen from the screenshot below, it is, in fact, very simple, although not entirely intuitive if you are not into this type of thing. One thing is the connection, another is to parse the incoming data in a meaningful way. So I decided to fork a patch made by joesanfordwhich had solved some of these problems in a more easy to understand patching style.

For this patch to work, it requires a particular Arduino sketch both the Max patch and Arduino sketch are available in my forked version on github. I also added a small sound engine, so that it is possible to control an additive synthesis with the sensors. The steps to make this work is explained below.

The mapping from sensor data starts by normalizing the data from the 15 analog sensors to a 0. Since I want to control the amplitudes of each of the partials in the additive synthesis, it makes sense to slightly reduce all of the amplitudes by multiplying each element with a decreasing figure, as shown here:. The Research Council of Norway is evaluating the research being done in the humanities these days, and all institutions were given the task to submit cases of how societal impact.

Obviously, basic research is per definition not aiming at societal impact in the short run, and my research definitely falls into category. Still it is interesting see more see that some of my basic research is, indeed, on the verge of making max msp jitter standalone for interqactive dance webcam standalone societal impact in the sense that policy makers like to think max msp jitter standalone for interqactive dance webcam standalone.

CIMA is based on the Musical Gestures Toolboxwatching masturbation webcam started its life in the early s, and which in different forms you 2 black gay guys idea been shared publicly since The focus was always on trying to capture as much relevant information as possible from a regular video recording, with a particular eye on the temporal development of human motion.

The MGT was first developed as standalone modules in the graphical programming environment Max, and was in merged into the Jamoma framework. This is a modular system developed and used by a group of international artists, under the lead of Timothy Place and Trond Lossius. This eventually lead to a collaboration in which the Musical Gestures Toolbox was used to analyse 16 rat caves in his lab. A pre-patent has been filed and the aim is to provide a complete video-based solution for screening infants for the risk of developing cerebral palsy CP.

Specialist examination may be used to detect infants in the risk of developing CP, but this resource is only available at some hospitals. The CIMA aims to offer a standardised and affordable computer-based screening solution so that a much larger group of infants can be screened at an early stage, and the ones that fall in max msp jitter standalone for interqactive dance webcam standalone risk zone may receive further specialist examination.

Early intervention is critical to improving the motor capacities of the infants. The success of the CIMA adult webcam prizes developed on the MGT framework are to a large part based on the original focus on studying human motion through a holistic, simple and time-based approach. The unlikely collaboration was featured in a new TV documentary in Inititally, I did not intend to release the source code for MultiControl, max msp jitter standalone for interqactive dance webcam standalone, because it is so old and dirty.

The whole patch is based on bpatchers and trying to hide things away in the pre-Max5-days, when presentation view did not exist. I originally developed the Max patch back inmainly so that I could distribute a standalone application for my students to use. I have only incrementally updated it girl ruby webcam canadian work with newer versions of Max and OSX, but have never really given it a full brush-over.

The reason why I decided to release the code now is because I get so many questions about the program. Even though there are several other good alternatives out there, a lot of people download see more application each month, and I get lots of positive feedback from happy users.

I also get information about bugs, and occasionally also some feature requests. While I do not really have time to update the patch myself, hopefully someone else might pick it up and improve it.

If you did not understand anything about the above, here is a little screencast showcasing some of the functionality of MultiControl:. The paper is based on a new max msp jitter standalone for interqactive dance webcam standalone of my sonomotiongram technique, max msp jitter standalone for interqactive dance webcam standalone, optimised for non-realtime use.

The new paper presents the ImageSonifyer application and a collection of videos showing how it works. Abstract The paper presents a non-realtime implementation of the sonomotiongram method, a method for the sonification of motiongrams. Motiongrams are spatiotemporal displays of motion from video recordings, based on frame-differencing and reduction of the original video recording.

The sonomotiongram implementation presented in this paper is based on turning these visual displays of motion into sound using FFT filtering of noise sources. The paper presents the application ImageSonifyer, accompanied by video examples showing the possibilities of the sonomotiongram method for both analytic and creative applications. Reference Jensenius, A. Non-realtime sonification of motiongrams.

I have recently started moving my development efforts over to GitHub, to keep everything in one place. Now I have also uploaded a small application I developed for a project by my mother, Norwegian sculptor Grete Refsum. There are lots of timelapse software available, but none of them that fitted my needs, max msp jitter standalone for interqactive dance webcam standalone.

So I developed a small Max patch called TimeLapser. TimeLapser takes an image from a webcam at a regular interval 1 minute. Each image is saved with the time code as the name of the file, making it easy to use the images for documentation purposes or assembling the images into timelapse videos. The application was originally developed for an art project, but can probably be useful for other timelapse applications as well.

The application will only store separate image files, which can easily be assembled into timelapse movies using for example Quicktime. Skip to content. Not a very advanced mapping, but it works for testing the sensors and the concept.

Musical Gestures Toolbox CIMA is based on the Musical Gestures Toolbox sharika ellis webcam nude, which started its life in the early s, and which in different forms has been shared publicly since References Valle, S.

Test—retest reliability of computer-based video analysis of general movements in healthy term- born infants. Early Human Development, 91 10— From experimental music technology to clinical tool. Oslo: Norwegian Academy of Music. Identification of fidgety movements and prediction of CP by the use of computer- based video analysis is more accurate when based on two video recordings.

Physiotherapy Theory and Practice, 29 6— Some video abstraction techniques for displaying body movement in analysis and performance.

Leonardo, 46 153— Pediatric Research, 70, — Early prediction of cerebral palsy by computer-based video analysis of general movements: a feasibility study.

Using computer-based video analysis in the study of fidgety movements. Early Human Development, 85 9— University of Oslo. Screenshot of MultiControl v0. Happy multicontrolling! The paper presents the application ImageSonifyer, accompanied by video examples showing the possibilities of the sonomotiongram method for both analytic and creative applications Reference Jensenius, A, max msp jitter standalone for interqactive dance webcam standalone.

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Thoughts, Research and Experimentation with Electronic Music, Art and Photography
Post to Cancel. This enables a method of video capture that is more reliable on certain capture devices. Tagged with.
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