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Become a Supporter today and help make this dream a reality! Child 'Porn' Look at this! God, ok, this site is legit. I saw something about it on Oprah and today i actually visited the site. I nearly puked. I'm going to post a link and some of the extreme pictures but i really don't reccomend going there.

What the hell The Parents should be shot, the webmaster should be castrated. Response to Child 'Porn' In my book, its like erotica Do these families realize that when they let their children model, it's going to be just old men looking at them.

Oprah had some of these children and family's of the children on. Oprah being god got the niley hott webcam lesbian to stop. Come on, 11 year old sex symbols, that's sick!

Every once in very great while comes a ridiculously funny thread. Camera man: "Ok, look at the camera, look sexy Oh, ok, yeah, get the Mom; Ashley needs a diaper change".

It's not that "extreme". That is niley hott webcam lesbian. I hope they get 50 denial of service attacks a day after being given all of that publicity. Damn thats horrible! There has to be some way that they can be charged with somthing. If its legal, then it's ok, and its just for modeling, niley hott webcam lesbian, only perves look at it like child porn, besides, there is nothing we can do about it.

Need help on beating Alkie Kong 2, brutal mode? Thats very disturbing, if i had a daughter no fuckin WAY would i let her do this, and the worse of it, is that its published on the net were link the freaks can download and toss of to it, niley hott webcam lesbian.

Yes, very true JJA The sad thing isn't that the site exists. It's the fact that these parents have no qualms about subjecting their children to this. So the photographers get their shots - maybe show the parents some niley hott webcam lesbian ones, to make them not question it, meanwhile peddle the dirty ones to the pervs or something. Who knows?

If the parents were in full knowledge, then they niley hott webcam lesbian nasty; what kind of parents are they? If the parents were just pulled into a scam, well then that's niley hott webcam lesbian dumb but they're not as nasty as if they knew what was going on. Parents should be present at any photo shoot featuring underage youth. If they aren't, they are entirely to blame for their children being exploited. We aren't talking high-school teenagers with cars and jobs here.

This is pre to recently pubescent girls elementary through middle school. As for the comments by whomever about our "sick society:" That is a bit of a cop-out.

Look at history and you click the following article see the age for sexual debauchery of women is much higher now as a norm than a few hundred years ago.

This is actually still in practice in some Muslim countries. Sexuality in teens is a natural process of growth Young developing girls are attractive to men because they represent a ripening sexuality unencumbered by the effects of aging mixed with a sliver of innocence and the ever-enticing concept of youth, niley hott webcam lesbian. The difference is most adults repress these urges or lose them as their mental click here begins to clash with the naive conceptions of kids.

All-in-all, niley hott webcam lesbian, most men attracted to young girls are attracted to post pubescent teens around the age of 16 whom are practically women physically.

Men attracted to exceptionally young girls as found on the website are usually experiencing a mental abberration resulting from abuse, incomplete social development, or any number of factors which contributes to uncommon mental maturity.

I would say it is dispicable cause why in the world would you have niley hott webcam lesbian kid model? I wouldn't call it child porn cause no one is naked or being touched. I mean we have adlut models and we don't call visit web page porno. Member since: Jan.

Member Level 20 Blank Slate. Like i read more "Modeling" my ass. Member since: May. Member Level 33 Blank Slate. Member Level 17 Blank Slate.

Member since: Oct. Member Level 60 Melancholy. Member since: Feb. Member Level 21 Blank Slate. Oh, ok, yeah, get the Mom; Ashley needs a diaper change" Sick.

This is like Victoria Secret: They trying to sell the clothes, just the girls. Child Erotica: Kid tested, Mother approved. Member since: Jun. Member Level 11 Blank Slate. I need to inform THL. Member Level 03 Blank Slate. Where do i go to find they year olds? Member Level 12 Blank Slate. Hope I don't get banned for that. Member since: Dec. Member Level 60 Movie Buff. Member since: Apr.

Member Level 15 Blank Slate. I just did as read more. This is horrible. Member Level 24 Blank Slate. God i hate paedophile. Wish they all burn in hell, niley hott webcam lesbian. Member since: Aug. Member Level 35 Filmmaker. Member Level 02 Blank Slate. Supporter Level 26 Blank Slate.

Member since: Sep. Member Level 10 Blank Slate. Member Level 22 Blank Slate. Member Level 16 Blank Slate. The parents may just not know. In all cases, those taking the pictures SUCK! I niley hott webcam lesbian. Member Level 08 Blank Slate. Everything, worst case scenario is they want the money. I agree. So the photographers get their shots - maybe show the parents some clean ones, to make them not question it Member Level 32 Blank Slate.

Action-arcade game about endlessly upgrading and controlling mechanical serpents. State your name. Niley hott webcam lesbian interactive fiction about being stuck in a loop, niley hott webcam lesbian. That Dream Again. Wall Art by.

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John Andre esqr. John Andre -- handsome, artistic, beloved by the Loyalists, niley hott webcam lesbian by Washington His father was a merchant, born in Geneva, Switzerland; his mother was born in France and moved to Webca, when she was young.

He attended school in Geneva, returning to London intwo years before his father died. The young Andre was a charismatic and charming man whose manners and advanced education set him apart visit web page his contemporaries in England.

He was fluent in English, French, German, and Italian. He drew niley hott webcam lesbian painted, wrote lyric and comic verse, and played the flute. The glamour of military life appealed to Andre, but coming from the merchant class and of limited means, he would hoty be able to advance in the British army, where a purchase system almost always governed promotions. After his father's death, inAndre felt obliged to financially care for his family and entered his father's counting house.

That same year, Honora Sneyd declared her love for him -- all he click here to do to obtain her guardian's approval and win her hand in marriage was to grow rich. Andre strove to succeed, ohtt before too long Honora found that her feelings for him had cooled. Andre decided now to follow his dream and join the army.

Anna Seward, the English poet and foster sister of Honora, asserted that Visit web page was driven to join the army by a broken heart. Thus, he woman fuck webcam pregnant commissioned on March 4th,and selected for free of naked mature training in Germany, where he spent two years.

As a British lieutenant in Canada, Andre was involved in the defense of St. Johns which was taken by American forces on November 2,after a two-month siege. He became a prisoner niley hott webcam lesbian war and was transferred to Lancaster, Pennsylvania. It was not uncommon for officers who were prisoners of war to be entertained en route to their places of detention, and Andre had dinner in Haverstraw, New York, at the home of a Mr.

Also present webcm Mr. Hays's brother-in-law, Joshua Hett Smith. Five years afterwards, Andre and Smith would meet again, apparently without recognition on either side; in it was Joshua Hett Smith who set Andre on the road to capture and death. In Lancaster, the enlisted prisoners were kept in barracks, while captured officers were housed at their own expense in local inns.

Andre was among those officers allowed to reside with a local family. He moved in with the Caleb Cope family. The Copes lesbuan a real affection for Andre, who gave art lessons to their hotr son. Further, in this German-speaking Lancaster community, Andre's fluency added to his popularity.

At the close ofas part of a prisoner exchange, Andre was returned to Howe, now wintering in New York, niley hott webcam lesbian. Andre presented Howe a memoir he had compiled from his observations in "the colonies.

In August,serving under Grey, Andre was among the 17, niley hott webcam lesbian, British who landed at Head of Elk, Maryland, which led to the occupation of Philadelphia. One niley hott webcam lesbian the niley hott webcam lesbian reliable sources for the history of the war from the British side is Andre's Journal. Peggy Shippen and Daughter Daniel Gardner circa During the Winter —78 British occupation of Philadelphia, niley hott webcam lesbian, while Washington endured at Valley Forge, Andre wrote poetry for the Tory women, including Peggy Shippen, and took center stage in making the otherwise boring days entertaining.

He planned the notorious Mischianza extravaganza of May 18,in honor of Howe's impending departure, niley hott webcam lesbian. Major John Andre John Andre esqr. Peggy Shippen and Daughter Daniel Gardner circa

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On Flirtymania you don't have to show your personal info. Member Level 10 Blank Slate.
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